Life Insurance

Life Insurance is the foundation of family and financial planning.

Unless you are among the very few who are born into a wealthy family or have built enough wealth to ensure your family's financial future, you should consider life insurance planning.

It is common-sense economics. If your family's well-being depends on your earning power while you are alive, then you need to talk to a professional advisor. 

The type and amount of life insurance you need can generally be determined in a 20-30 minute conversation with one of our advisors. Below are a few reasons why you should act today: 

1. To protect and provide for your family's well-being in the years to come 

As a responsible spouse and parent, you want need to make sure that if you are gone, your family members can continue with their current lifestyle. Therefore, the amount of life insurance you need is based on how much you earn and the number of years you want to provide for your family.

2. To pay off debts. 

If you carry a mortgage and have other debts, it is a wise to make sure they are properly covered should something unexpected happen to you. This will give you peace of mind that when your family has an emotional loss, they need not worry about a financial loss as well. 

3. Business continuation plan

If you own a business in a partnership and/or are thinking about a business continuation plan, life insurance can be used to properly plan an exit strategy so the value of your business is protected in your absence.  

Why Moneyline Wealth Management?

Besides having qualified financial planners on board with decades of experience, we represent more than 20 A+ rated life insurance companies with advanced underwriting abilities. Generally, the quality of service and the pricing that we provide will be the best that you can obtain anywhere. 

Whether you plan with us or go elsewhere, take the time now  to plan for your future.